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Installing and Importing the Module
Run the MSI. The module will be extracted to:

Open PowerShell and enter the following command:
Import-Module ConfigMgr2012

Once imported, validate that it successfully imported with the Get-Module cmdlet:
Get-Module ConfigMgr2012

Module Functions
This release of the module contains 24 functions. All of these functions have been tested on Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 and R2. My testing was limited to specific functionality so there may be bugs. Please report any issues here on CodePlex.

For information on how to use the Module please see Using Module Functions

• Get-SCCMCommands
• Connect-SCCMServer
• Get-AuthoringScopeID
• Import-SCCMAssemblies
• Get-SCCMObject
• Get-SCCMApplication
• Get-SCCMApplicationObject
• Save-SCCMApplicationObject
• New-SCCMApplication
• Save-SCCMApplication
• New-SCCMApplicationObject
• New-SCCMDeploymentType
• Add-SCCMDeploymentType
• New-DeploymentTypeRetrnCode
• Add-SCCMRequirementRule
• Copy-SCCMRequirementRule
• Get-SCCMDeployment
• Remove-SCCMConsoleFolders
• Get-SCCMGlobalCondition
• New-SCCMGlobalConditionsRule
• New-SCCMEnhancedDetectionMethod
• Add-SCCMEnhancedDetectionMethod
• Copy-SCCMDependencyGroup
• Add-SCCMDependencyGroup

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