This page will show you how to leverage the various module functions.
NOTE: You must have the Configuration Manager Admin Console installed locally

First step (after importing the module) is to Import the SCCM Assembly files so we can use the many different types and methods Microsoft has provided us.

Import-SCCMAssemblies $Env:SMSADMINUIPATH.Substring(0,$Env:SMSADMINUIPATH.Length-5)

The above cmdlet will import all assemblies in the ConfigMgr Admin Console bin directory. Depending on where you installed the Admin Console you may need to change the supplied path.

Next up we want to store the Authoring Scope ID. The Scope ID is specific to the site server you will be connecting to and is used when creating many new objects including Applications and Deployment Types.

$authScope = Get-SCCMAuthoringScopeID -SCCMServer 'SiteServer' -SCCMSiteCode 'SiteCode'

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